UnitedLinux 1.0 CD 2 Packages

(listing with full description)

Name: aalib-devel		Version: 1.2
Summary: Development package for aalib

Name: acl-devel Version: 2.0.19 Summary: Libraries and header files to develop programs with ACLs

Name: alsa-devel Version: 0.9.0.cvs20020903 Summary: ALSA development package

Name: apache-devel Version: 1.3.26 Summary: Development files for Apache

Name: arts-devel Version: 1.0.3 Summary: Modular software synthesizer

Name: atk-devel Version: 1.0.3 Summary: atk development package

Name: attr-devel Version: 2.0.11 Summary: Libraries and header files to develop programs which use extended attributes

Name: autoconf Version: 2.53 Summary: A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code

Name: automake Version: 1.6.3 Summary: Automatically generating GNU style Makefile.in's

Name: bin86 Version: 0.14.9 Summary: 8086 assembler and linker

Name: bind9-devel Version: 9.1.3 Summary: Development libraries/header files for bind9

Name: bison Version: 1.35 Summary: GNU parser generator

Name: bonobo-activation-devel Version: 1.0.2 Summary: Object activation framework for GNOME2

Name: bonobo-conf-devel Version: 0.14 Summary: Development file for Bonobo Conf

Name: bonobo-devel Version: 1.0.20 Summary: The development files for bonobo

Name: canna-devel Version: 3.5b2 Summary: Libraries of Canna

Name: cdk-devel Version: 4.9.10 Summary: CDK, the development part of Curses Development Kit

Name: CID-keyed-fonts-MOE Version: 7.05.3 Summary: MOE CID-keyed fonts (for traditional Chinese)

Name: CID-keyed-fonts-Munhwa Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Munhwa CID-keyed fonts (for Korean)

Name: CID-keyed-fonts-Wada Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Wadalab CID-keyed fonts (for Japanese)

Name: CID-keyed-fonts-WadaH Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Wadalab CID-keyed fonts (for rare Japanese characters)

Name: CMap-Adobe-CNS1 Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Adobe-CNS1 CMap files

Name: CMap-Adobe-GB1 Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Adobe-GB1 CMap files

Name: CMap-Adobe-Identity Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Adobe-Identity CMap files

Name: CMap-Adobe-Japan1 Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Adobe-Japan1 CMap files

Name: CMap-Adobe-Japan2 Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Adobe-Japan2 CMap files

Name: CMap-Adobe-Korea1 Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Adobe-Korea1 CMap files

Name: cups-devel Version: 1.1.15 Summary: development environment for CUPS

Name: curl-devel Version: 7.9.8 Summary: header files and libraries for curl development

Name: cvs Version: 1.11.1p1 Summary: Concurrent Versions System

Name: cyrus-sasl-devel Version: 1.5.27 Summary: Cyrus SASL API implmentation, Libraries and Header files

Name: dante-devel Version: 1.1.13 Summary: development libraries for socks

Name: db-devel Version: 4.0.14 Summary: Development libraries/header files for the Berkeley DB library

Name: des Version: 4.04b Summary: Encryption routines

Name: dmapi-devel Version: 2.0.5 Summary: dmapi-devel contains the libraries and header files

Name: e2fsprogs-devel Version: 1.28 Summary: Ext2 filesystem-specific libraries and headers

Name: eel2-devel Version: 2.0.3 Summary: The development files for the eel library

Name: eel-devel Version: 1.0.2 Summary: The development files for the eel library

Name: emacs Version: 21.2 Summary: GNU Emacs base package

Name: emacs-info Version: 21.2 Summary: Info files for GNU emacs

Name: emacs-x11 Version: 21.2 Summary: GNU Emacs: Emacs binary with X11 support

Name: esound-devel Version: 0.2.28 Summary: Esound development pacakage

Name: evlog-devel Version: 1.4.1 Summary: Header files and libraries for evlog.

Name: flex Version: 2.5.4a Summary: Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator

Name: fltk-devel Version: 1.1.0rc5 Summary: Free C++ GUI toolkit for X, OpenGL and WIN32 (Windows 95,98,NT)

Name: freeradius-devel Version: 0.5 Summary: FreeRADIUS development files (static libs)

Name: freetype2-devel Version: 2.0.9 Summary: Header files and static library for development with FreeType

Name: gail-devel Version: 0.16 Summary: GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library

Name: gal-devel Version: 0.19.3 Summary: gal development files

Name: gcc Version: 3.2 Summary: The GNU C compiler and support files

Name: gcc-c++ Version: 3.2 Summary: GNU C++ Compiler

Name: gcc_old Version: 2.95.3 Summary: gcc 2.95.3 for C and C++

Name: gconf2-devel Version: 1.2.1 Summary: Development files for the GConf2 configuration database system

Name: gdbm-devel Version: 1.8.0 Summary: Development libraries and header files for the gdbm library

Name: gd-devel Version: 1.8.4 Summary: Drawing library for Programs with PNG and JPEG output

Name: gdk-pixbuf-devel Version: 0.18.0 Summary: GdkPixBuf - Development Environment

Name: gettext Version: 0.11.5 Summary: Tools for National Language Support (NLS)

Name: gfxboot-devel Version: 1.9 Summary: Tools for creating a graphical boot logo.

Name: glib2-devel Version: 2.0.6 Summary: Developer files for glib2

Name: glibc-devel Version: 2.2.5 Summary: Libraries for the C compiler

Name: glib-devel Version: 1.2.10 Summary: Static Libraries and Header Files for glib

Name: gnome-desktop-devel Version: 2.0.6 Summary: Development files for gnome-desktop

Name: gnome-libs-devel Version: Summary: Libraries, etc. to develop GNOME applications

Name: gnome-panel-devel Version: 2.0.6 Summary: The GNOME 2.0 Panel

Name: gnome-print-devel Version: 0.36 Summary: Libraries, etc. to develop GNOME applications

Name: gnome-vfs2-devel Version: 2.0.2 Summary: The development package for the GNOME Virtual File System

Name: gnome-vfs-devel Version: 1.0.5 Summary: The developer parts of the GNOME VFS.

Name: gperf Version: 2.7.2 Summary: Generation of perfect hash-functions (compiler-tool)

Name: gtk2-devel Version: 2.0.6 Summary: Library for creation of graphical user interfaces

Name: gtk-devel Version: 1.2.10 Summary: The developerfiles for the GIMP ToolKit

Name: hanterm-xf Version: p18 Summary: Hangul Terminal for the X Window System

Name: heimdal-devel Version: 0.4e Summary: heimdal-devel

Name: hwinfo-devel Version: 5.40 Summary: Hardware detection library

Name: IBMJava2-JAAS Version: 1.3.1 Summary: Java(TM) Authentication and Authorization Service V1.0 for Linux

Name: IBMJava2-JAVACOMM Version: 1.3.1 Summary: Java(TM) Communications API for Linux(R), Version 2.01

Name: IBMJava2-JRE Version: 1.3.1 Summary: IBM Runtime Environment for Linux, Java 2 Technology Edition, Version 1.3.0.

Name: IBMJava2-SDK Version: 1.3.1 Summary: IBM® Developer Kit for Linux®, Java[tm] 2 Technology Edition

Name: imap-devel Version: 2001a Summary: IMAP4rev1/c-client Development Environment

Name: imlib-devel Version: 1.9.10 Summary: Imlib development environment

Name: indent Version: 2.2.8a Summary: Formats C source code

Name: iptables-devel Version: 1.2.7a Summary: libipq libraries, headers and development man pages

Name: kdebase3-devel Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE base package: base, build enviroment

Name: k_debug Version: 2.4.19 Summary: Debug version of the kernel.

Name: kdelibs3-devel Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE base package: build enviroment

Name: kdenetwork3-devel Version: 3.0.3 Summary: build enviroment from kdenetwork

Name: kernel-source Version: 2.4.19.SuSE Summary: The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)

Name: libaio-devel Version: 0.3.15 Summary: Development files for Linux-native asynchronous I/O access

Name: libart_lgpl-devel Version: 2.3.10 Summary: Files needed for development with libart_lgpl

Name: libbonobo-devel Version: 2.0.0 Summary: Development files for the GNOME 2.0 Bonobo

Name: libbonoboui-devel Version: 2.0.1 Summary: Development files for libbonoboui

Name: libghttp-devel Version: 1.0.9 Summary: For libghttp development

Name: libgimpprint-devel Version: 4.3.3 Summary: Gimp-Print include files

Name: libglade2-devel Version: 2.0.0 Summary: Development files for libglade2

Name: libglade-devel Version: 0.16 Summary: libglade library (development)

Name: libgnomecanvas-devel Version: 2.0.2 Summary: Developers files for libgnomecanvas

Name: libgnome-devel Version: 2.0.2 Summary: Libraries, etc. to develop GNOME 2 applications

Name: libgnomeprint-devel Version: 1.115.0 Summary: Developer's files for the GNOME 2.x printing library

Name: libgnomeprintui-devel Version: 1.115.0 Summary: Development files for libgnomeprint-ui

Name: libgnomeui-devel Version: 2.0.3 Summary: Developer's files for the GNOME User Interface Library

Name: libgtkhtml-devel Version: 2.0.1 Summary: Developer's files for libgtkhtml

Name: libgtop2-devel Version: 2.0.0 Summary: LibGTop development package

Name: libidl-devel Version: 0.8.0 Summary: IDL parsing library

Name: libiodbc-devel Version: 3.0.6 Summary: Header files and libraries for iODBC development

Name: libmcrypt-devel Version: 2.5.2 Summary: Development package for libmcrypt

Name: libmng-devel Version: 1.0.4 Summary: development enviroment for libmng

Name: libogg-devel Version: 1.0 Summary: Development package for libogg

Name: libpng-devel Version: 1.2.4 Summary: Library for the PortableNetGraphics Format

Name: libPropList-devel Version: 0.10.1 Summary: PropList Development Package

Name: librsvg2-devel Version: 2.0.1 Summary: The necessary development files for librsvg2

Name: librsvg-devel Version: 1.0.1 Summary: The necessary development files for librsvg

Name: libstdc++-devel Version: 3.2 Summary: C++ development package

Name: libvorbis-devel Version: 1.0 Summary: Development package for libvorbis

Name: libwnck-devel Version: 0.16 Summary: Window Navigator Construction Kit (Development files)

Name: libxcrypt-devel Version: 1.1 Summary: Development files for Crypt library

Name: libxml2-devel Version: 2.4.23 Summary: libxml development package

Name: libxml-devel Version: 1.8.17 Summary: libxml development package (version1)

Name: libxslt-devel Version: 1.0.19 Summary: libxslt development package

Name: liby2util-devel Version: 2.6.21 Summary: yast2 core logging functions

Name: linc-devel Version: 0.5.2 Summary: Network client/server library, development files

Name: majordomo Version: 1.94.5 Summary: Majordomo

Name: mesa-devel Version: 4.0.3 Summary: Development package for mesasoft (GL library)

Name: mesaglu-devel Version: 4.0.3 Summary: Development package for mesaglu (GLU library)

Name: mesaglut-devel Version: 4.0.3 Summary: Development package for mesaglut (glut library)

Name: mod_php4-devel Version: 4.2.2 Summary: Include files of PHP4

Name: mozilla-devel Version: 1.0.1 Summary: Mozilla Developer Environment

Name: mysql-devel Version: 3.23.52 Summary: MySQL - Development header files and libraries

Name: nautilus2-devel Version: 2.0.3 Summary: Development package for Nautilus

Name: ncpfs-devel Version: Summary: Tools for accessing Novell filesystems

Name: ncurses-devel Version: 5.2 Summary: Development tools, headers and libraries of the New curses

Name: netatalk-devel Version: Summary: Appletalk for Linux

Name: ngpt-devel Version: 2.0.1 Summary: NGPT Development Package

Name: oaf-devel Version: 0.6.10 Summary: The development package for oaf

Name: openldap2-devel Version: 2.1.4 Summary: Libraries, Headerfiles and Documentation for OpenLDAP2

Name: openmotif-devel Version: 2.2.2 Summary: Open Motif - Development libraries and header files

Name: openssl-devel Version: 0.9.6g Summary: The OpenSSL source tree

Name: orbit2-devel Version: 2.4.1 Summary: High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker

Name: orbit-devel Version: 0.5.17 Summary: The ORBit development environment

Name: pam-devel Version: 0.76 Summary: Development libraries/header files for PAM

Name: pango-devel Version: 1.0.4 Summary: The developer files of the pango system

Name: parted-devel Version: 1.6.3 Summary: GNU partitioner development files

Name: pciutils-devel Version: 2.1.10 Summary: Static library and include files of the PCI-utilities

Name: popt-devel Version: 1.6 Summary: C library for parsing command line parameters

Name: postgresql-devel Version: 7.2.2 Summary: PostgreSQL development header files and libraries

Name: pure-ftpd Version: 1.0.12 Summary: Lightweight, fast and secure FTP server

Name: python-devel Version: 2.2.1 Summary: The libraries and header files needed for Python development

Name: qt3-devel Version: 3.0.5 Summary: Qt 3 development kit

Name: readline-devel Version: 4.3 Summary: The readline library link kit

Name: recode-devel Version: 3.6 Summary: THE Character Set Converter

Name: rpm-devel Version: 3.0.6 Summary: Development files for applications which will manipulate RPM packages

Name: sablot-devel Version: 0.82 Summary: Header files and libraries for sablot development

Name: SDL-devel Version: 1.2.4 Summary: SDL library developer files

Name: sendmail-devel Version: 8.12.6 Summary: BSD sendmail development kit

Name: slang-devel Version: 1.4.5 Summary: A library for display control - development package

Name: t1lib-devel Version: 1.3.1 Summary: development libraries for t1lib

Name: tcl-devel Version: 8.4 Summary: Header files and static libraries for Tcl/Tk etc

Name: unixODBC-devel Version: 2.2.2 Summary: Includes and static libraries for ODBC development

Name: xf86_glx-devel Version: 4.2.0 Summary: Development package of xf86_glx

Name: xfsprogs-devel Version: 2.2.1 Summary: XFS filesystem-specific static libraries and headers

Name: yacc Version: 91.7.30 Summary: BSD yacc

Name: yast2-core-devel Version: 2.6.53 Summary: YaST2 - Include files and documentation for YCP interpreter

Name: yast2-devel Version: 2.6.40 Summary: YaST2 - installation scripts and documentation

Name: yast2-packagemanager-devel Version: 2.6.44 Summary: yast2-packagemanager

Name: zlib-devel Version: 1.1.4 Summary: Header files and libraries for developing apps which will use zlib

Name: 844-ksc-pcf Version: 19990207 Summary: Korean 8x4x4 johab fonts

Name: baekmuk Version: 2.1 Summary: Baekmuk Fonts (Korean fonts for X11, bitmap version)

Name: baekmuk-ttf Version: 2.1 Summary: Baekmuk Fonts (Korean fonts for X11, True Type version)

Name: efont-unicode Version: 0.4.0 Summary: unicode font by /efont/

Name: ifntarab Version: 1.2 Summary: Arab fonts for X11

Name: ifntasia Version: 1.2 Summary: Asian fonts for X11

Name: ifntchib Version: 1.2 Summary: Big Chinese fonts for X11

Name: ifntethi Version: 1.2 Summary: Ethiopic fonts for X11

Name: ifntjapa Version: 1.2 Summary: Japanese fonts for X11

Name: ifntjapb Version: 1.2 Summary: Big Japanese fonts for X11

Name: ifntphon Version: 1.2 Summary: IPA font for X11

Name: ttf-arphic Version: 20001125 Summary: Chinese TrueType fonts by Arphic Technology (only license in this package)

Name: ttf-hanyi Version: 20021016 Summary: Chinese GB18030-2000 TrueType fonts by Hanyi Keyin Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Name: ttf-kochi-gothic Version: 0.2.20020727 Summary: Kochi Gothic Japanese True Type font

Name: ttf-kochi-mincho Version: 0.2.20020727 Summary: Kochi Mincho Japanese True Type font

Name: xfntjp Version: 20020904 Summary: Japanese fixed fonts for X11

Name: xfntkr Version: 2.1 Summary: Korean hangul X11 fonts