UnitedLinux 1.0 CD 1 Packages

(listing with full description)

Name: 3ddiag		Version: 0.496
Summary: Tool for verification of the 3D/OpenGL configuration

Name: aaa_base Version: 2002.10.21 Summary: SuSE Linux base package

Name: aaa_skel Version: 2002.10.14 Summary: Skeleton for Default User

Name: aalib Version: 1.2 Summary: AA-lib - an ascii art library

Name: acct Version: 6.3.5 Summary: User specific process accounting

Name: acl Version: 2.0.19 Summary: Commands for manipulating POSIX Access Control Lists

Name: acroread Version: 5.06 Summary: Acrobat Reader for PDF files

Name: aide Version: 0.9 Summary: aide - Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment

Name: alsa Version: 0.9.0.cvs20020903 Summary: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

Name: ami Version: 1.0.10 Summary: Korean IMS (Input Method System) Ami

Name: amidic Version: 1.0.10 Summary: Hanja dictionary for AMI, Korean IMS

Name: antiword Version: 0.33 Summary: A free MS Word reader for Linux and RISC OS

Name: apache Version: 1.3.26 Summary: The Apache Web server

Name: apmd Version: 3.0.2 Summary: APM daemon

Name: argus Version: 2.0.5 Summary: Networkmonitoring Tool

Name: arpwatch Version: 2.1a11 Summary: Keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings

Name: arts Version: 1.0.3 Summary: Modular software synthesizer

Name: ash Version: 0.2 Summary: ash shell

Name: at Version: 3.1.8 Summary: Job Manager

Name: atk Version: 1.0.3 Summary: atk - accesibility toolkit

Name: attr Version: 2.0.11 Summary: Command to manipulate extended attributes

Name: audiofile Version: 0.2.3 Summary: Audio File Library

Name: authldap Version: 1.6.0 Summary: The Apache auth_ldap Module

Name: autofs Version: 3.1.7 Summary: A kernel-based automounter

Name: avmailgate Version: 2.0.1 Summary: AvMailGate virus scanner software package

Name: avm_fcdsl Version: 1.0 Summary: Driver and utils for Fritz!Card DSL

Name: awesfx Version: 0.4.4a Summary: SoundFont utilities for SB AWE32/64 and Emu10k1 drivers

Name: backhand Version: 1.2.1 Summary: Load balancing for the Apache web server

Name: bash Version: 2.05b Summary: The GNU Bourne-Again Shell

Name: bastille Version: 1.3.0 Summary: Bastille tightens security on a Linux system .

Name: bc Version: 1.06 Summary: GNU command line calculator

Name: bind9 Version: 9.1.3 Summary: Name server BIND9 (new version)

Name: bind9-utils Version: 9.1.3 Summary: Utilities to query and test DNS (new version)

Name: bing Version: 1.0.4 Summary: Point-to-point bandwidth measurement tool

Name: binutils Version: Summary: GNU binutils

Name: blt Version: 2.4y Summary: Tcl/Tk extension

Name: bonnie Version: 1.4 Summary: File System Benchmark

Name: bonobo Version: 1.0.20 Summary: This is a set of CORBA interfaces for reusable components.

Name: bonobo-activation Version: 1.0.2 Summary: Object activation framework for GNOME2

Name: bonobo-conf Version: 0.14 Summary: A configuration module for bonobo

Name: bootsplash Version: 1.0 Summary: Console splash animations during bootup

Name: bootsplash-theme-UnitedLinux Version: 1.0 Summary: Console splash animations during bootup

Name: bug-buddy2 Version: 2.2.0 Summary: GNOME 2.0 Bug Reporting Tool

Name: bzip2 Version: 1.0.2 Summary: Program for compression of files

Name: cadaver Version: 0.19.1 Summary: Command-line WebDAV client for Unix

Name: calamaris Version: 2.50 Summary: A report generator

Name: canna Version: 3.5b2 Summary: Kana and Kanji Conversion System

Name: cannadic Version: 0.94c Summary: extension dictionary for Canna

Name: canna-libs Version: 3.5b2 Summary: Libraries of Canna

Name: capi4linux Version: 2002.10.1 Summary: CAPI 2.0 library and associated tools

Name: cdk Version: 4.9.10 Summary: CDK, the runtime part of Curses Development Kit

Name: cdparanoia Version: IIIalpha9.8 Summary: CD-audio grabber for problematic drives

Name: CheckHardware Version: 0.1 Summary: CheckHardware tool

Name: cipe Version: 1.5.4 Summary: Encrypted IP over UDP tunneling

Name: ckermit Version: 8.0.200 Summary: A combined serial and network communication software package

Name: compartm Version: 1.1 Summary: Wrapper to securely run insecure and/or untrusted programs

Name: compat Version: 2002.8.15 Summary: Some libraries in compatibility-versions

Name: control-center2 Version: 2.0.0 Summary: The GNOME control center for GNOME 2.0

Name: cpio Version: 2.5 Summary: Backup and archiving utility

Name: cpp Version: 3.2 Summary: The GCC Preprocessor

Name: cpu Version: 1.3.13 Summary: User administration tool for LDAP backends

Name: cracklib Version: 2.7 Summary: A password-checking library

Name: cron Version: 3.0.1 Summary: cron daemon

Name: ctags Version: 2002.7.18 Summary: Generate tag files for use with vi and other editors

Name: cups Version: 1.1.15 Summary: Common UNIX Printing System

Name: cups-client Version: 1.1.15 Summary: CUPS client programs

Name: cups-drivers Version: 1.1.15 Summary: Common UNIX Printing System - Drivers

Name: cups-drivers-stp Version: 1.1.15 Summary: Gimp-Print drivers for CUPS

Name: cups-libs Version: 1.1.15 Summary: libraries for CUPS

Name: curl Version: 7.9.8 Summary: Tool for Transfering Data

Name: cyrus-sasl Version: 1.5.27 Summary: Cyrus SASL API implmentation

Name: dante Version: 1.1.13 Summary: A free Socks v4/v5 client implementation

Name: db Version: 4.0.14 Summary: Berkeley DB database library

Name: db-utils Version: 4.0.14 Summary: Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB databases

Name: ddrescue Version: 1.02 Summary: Data copying in presence of I/O errors

Name: dds2tar Version: 2.5.2 Summary: DDS2 tape streamer utilities

Name: devs Version: 2002.10.4 Summary: Device files

Name: dhcp-base Version: 3.0.1rc9 Summary: ISC DHCP base package

Name: dhcpcd Version: 1.3.22pl1 Summary: A DHCP client daemon

Name: dhcp-relay Version: 3.0.1rc9 Summary: DHCP relay agent

Name: dhcp-server Version: 3.0.1rc9 Summary: ISC DHCP server

Name: dhcp-tools Version: 1.2 Summary: DHCP tools

Name: dialog Version: 0.62 Summary: Menus and input boxes for shell scripts

Name: diffutils Version: 2.8.1 Summary: GNU diffutils

Name: directory_administrator Version: 1.1.9 Summary: LDAP directory user/group/access control manager

Name: dmapi Version: 2.0.5 Summary: Data Management API runtime environment

Name: dos2unix Version: 3.1 Summary: DOS to UNIX text convertor

Name: dosbootdisk Version: 1.0 Summary: DOS boot disk based on FreeDOS.

Name: dosfstools Version: 2.8 Summary: Utilities for Making and Checking MS-DOS FAT Filesystems on Linux

Name: dprobes Version: 3.6.3 Summary: Tools for the Dynamic Kernel Probes debugging modules.

Name: drbd Version: 0.6.1pre16_CVS2002090201 Summary: Distributed Replicated Block Device

Name: dump Version: 0.4b31 Summary: A backup program

Name: e2fsprogs Version: 1.28 Summary: Utilities for the second extended file system

Name: ed Version: 0.2 Summary: Standard old un*x line editor

Name: eel Version: 1.0.2 Summary: The Eazel Extensions Library

Name: eel2 Version: 2.0.3 Summary: The Eazel Extensions Library for GNOME 2.0

Name: eject Version: 2.0.12 Summary: Eject CD-ROM under software control

Name: enscript Version: 1.6.2 Summary: ASCII to PostScript(tm) converter

Name: esound Version: 0.2.28 Summary: A sounddaemon for Enlightenment and GNOME

Name: ethereal Version: 0.9.6 Summary: A graphical network traffic analyser

Name: ethtool Version: 1.6 Summary: Examine and tune ethernet-based network interfaces

Name: evlog Version: 1.4.1 Summary: Enterprise Event Logging

Name: evms Version: 1.2.0 Summary: EVMS - Enterprise Volume Management System

Name: expat Version: 1.95.4 Summary: XML Parser Toolkit

Name: expect Version: 5.34 Summary: A tool for automating interactive programs

Name: fam Version: 2.6.9 Summary: file alternation monitoring daemon

Name: fbset Version: 2.1 Summary: Framebuffer configuration tool

Name: fetchmail Version: 5.9.13 Summary: fetchmail - Full-featured POP/IMAP mail retrieval daemon

Name: fetchmailconf Version: 5.9.13 Summary: fetchmailconf - a fetchmail configurator

Name: file Version: 3.37 Summary: Determine file type

Name: filesystem Version: 2002.9.2 Summary: Basic directory layout

Name: fileutils Version: 4.1.11 Summary: Basic programs such as cp, mkdir, ln, ls

Name: fillup Version: 1.10 Summary: SuSE Linux base package

Name: findutils Version: 4.1.7 Summary: GNU find

Name: findutils-locate Version: 4.1.7 Summary: GNU locate

Name: finger Version: 1.1 Summary: Show user information (client)

Name: finger-server Version: 1.1 Summary: Show user information (server)

Name: fltk Version: 1.1.0rc5 Summary: Free C++ GUI toolkit for X, OpenGL and WIN32 (Windows 95,98,NT)

Name: fping Version: 2.2b1 Summary: Ping to multiple hosts

Name: freeradius Version: 0.5 Summary: Very high configurable Radius-server

Name: freeswan Version: 1.98_0.9.14 Summary: IPsec implementation which allows building VPNs

Name: freetype Version: 1.3.1 Summary: TrueType Font Engine

Name: freetype2 Version: 2.0.9 Summary: A library for the handling of TrueType fonts

Name: fribidi Version: 0.10.4 Summary: Free Implementation of the BiDi algorithm

Name: g3utils Version: 1.1.28 Summary: Tools for the G3 (Fax) graphics format

Name: gail Version: 0.16 Summary: GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library

Name: gal Version: 0.19.3 Summary: GNOME App Libs development files

Name: gawk Version: 3.1.1 Summary: GNU awk

Name: gcal Version: 3.01 Summary: A program for printing calendars

Name: gcc-info Version: 3.2 Summary: GNU info-pages for gcc

Name: gconf Version: 1.0.9 Summary: The GNOME configuration database system

Name: gconf2 Version: 1.2.1 Summary: GConf2 - GNOME configuration database system

Name: gd Version: 1.8.4 Summary: Drawing library for Programs with PNG and JPEG output

Name: gdb Version: 5.2.1 Summary: The GNU debugger

Name: gdbm Version: 1.8.0 Summary: GNU database routines

Name: gdk-pixbuf Version: 0.18.0 Summary: A library for fast pixelmanipulation

Name: gdm2 Version: Summary: The GNOME 2.x Display Manager

Name: gettyps Version: 2.0.7j Summary: Just another getty

Name: gfxboot Version: 1.9 Summary: Graphical boot logo for lilo and syslinux.

Name: ghostscript-fonts-other Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Optional fonts for Ghostscript

Name: ghostscript-fonts-std Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Standard fonts for Ghostscript

Name: ghostscript-library Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Necessary files for running gs (Ghostscript)

Name: ghostscript-x11 Version: 7.05.3 Summary: Ghostscript for X11

Name: gkermit Version: 1.0 Summary: A mini-kermit program that is distributed under GPL

Name: glade2 Version: 1.1.1 Summary: GLADE GTK2+ User Interface Builder

Name: gle Version: 3.0.6 Summary: The GLE Tubing and Extrusion Library

Name: glib Version: 1.2.10 Summary: Library of Utility Functions for Gtk

Name: glib2 Version: 2.0.6 Summary: A library with convenience functions in C

Name: glibc Version: 2.2.5 Summary: The shared libraries (from the c-library-package)

Name: glibc-i18ndata Version: 2.2.5 Summary: Database sources for 'locale'

Name: glibc-info Version: 2.2.5 Summary: Infofiles for the GNU C library

Name: glibc-locale Version: 2.2.5 Summary: Locale data for localized programs

Name: gmp Version: 4.0 Summary: GNU MP library

Name: gnome-applets2 Version: 2.0.1 Summary: A collection of useful programs running inside GNOME2.0s panel

Name: gnome-common Version: 1.2.4 Summary: Multiply used files used by the GNOME 2.0 platform

Name: gnome-desktop Version: 2.0.6 Summary: GNOME Desktop API Library

Name: gnome-libs Version: Summary: The GNOME base libraries

Name: gnome-media2 Version: 2.0.0 Summary: GNOME Multimedia (Media)

Name: gnome-mime-data Version: 2.0.0 Summary: MIME-Type and Application database for GNOME 2.0

Name: gnome-panel Version: 2.0.6 Summary: The GNOME 2.0 Panel

Name: gnome-print Version: 0.36 Summary: The GNOME Printing Architecture

Name: gnome-session Version: 2.0.5 Summary: Session Tools for the GNOME 2.x Desktop

Name: gnome-utils2 Version: 2.0.2 Summary: Basic Utilities for the GNOME 2.0 Desktop

Name: gnome-vfs Version: 1.0.5 Summary: The GNOME Virtual File System

Name: gnome-vfs2 Version: 2.0.2 Summary: The GNOME2.0 virtual file-system libraries

Name: gnuplot Version: 3.7.1 Summary: Function plotting utility

Name: gpg Version: 1.0.7 Summary: GNU Privacy Guard, en/decrypts and signs data

Name: gpm Version: 1.20.1 Summary: General purpose mouse support

Name: gq Version: 0.6.0 Summary: A LDAP Client in GTK

Name: grep Version: 2.5.1 Summary: GNU grep

Name: groff Version: 1.17.2 Summary: GNU troff document formatting system

Name: grub Version: 0.92 Summary: GRand Unified Bootloader

Name: gtk Version: 1.2.10 Summary: Library for creation of graphical user interfaces

Name: gtk2 Version: 2.0.6 Summary: Library for creation of graphical user interfaces

Name: gtk2-engines Version: 1.9.0 Summary: Engines for GTK2 Themes

Name: gtk2-themes Version: 0.1 Summary: Additional Themes and Engines for GTK2

Name: gtkglarea Version: 1.2.2 Summary: An OpenGL widget for GTK+

Name: guile Version: 1.4.1 Summary: GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension

Name: gup Version: 0.3 Summary: Group Update Program for INN and C-News

Name: gv Version: 3.5.8 Summary: View PostScript files

Name: gxmhtml Version: Summary: gtk-XmHTML

Name: gzip Version: 1.3 Summary: GNU zip compression utilities

Name: hdparm Version: 5.2 Summary: get/set hard disk parameters

Name: heartbeat Version: 0.4.9e Summary: heartbeat subsystem for High-Availability Linux

Name: heartbeat-ldirectord Version: 0.4.9e Summary: Monitor daemon for maintaining high availability resources

Name: heartbeat-pils Version: 0.4.9e Summary: Provides a general plugin and interface loading library

Name: heartbeat-stonith Version: 0.4.9e Summary: Provides an interface to Shoot The Other Node In The Head

Name: heimdal Version: 0.4e Summary: heimdal

Name: heimdal-lib Version: 0.4e Summary: heimdal-lib

Name: horde Version: 1.2.6 Summary: Core pieces to run Horde web applications

Name: hotplug Version: 2002_04_01 Summary: enables automatic configuration of hotplugged devices

Name: htdig Version: 3.1.6 Summary: WWW indexing and searching system

Name: hwinfo Version: 5.40 Summary: Hardware lib

Name: i4l-base Version: 2002.10.1 Summary: ISDN for Linux basic utilities

Name: i4lfirm Version: 2002.10.1 Summary: ISDN-firmware for active ISDN-cards

Name: i4l-isdnlog Version: 2002.10.1 Summary: A ISDN line logging and control utility

Name: i4l-vbox Version: 2002.10.1 Summary: A Voice Answering Machine for isdn4linux

Name: icmpinfo Version: 1.11 Summary: Tool for looking at the ICMP messages

Name: imap Version: 2001a Summary: IMAP4, POP2 and POP3 mail server.

Name: imap-lib Version: 2001a Summary: IMAP4rev1/c-client Development Environment

Name: imlib Version: 1.9.10 Summary: Shared Library for loading and rendering 3D images

Name: imwheel Version: 0.9.5 Summary: Use the wheel of Intelli-wheelmice

Name: inetd Version: 2.0 Summary: The inetd networking daemon

Name: inn Version: 2.3.2 Summary: Inter Net News

Name: ipchains Version: 1.3.9 Summary: Firewall and IP-accounting administration

Name: ippl Version: 1.4.14 Summary: IP protocols logger

Name: iproute2 Version: 2.4.7 Summary: Advanced routing

Name: iptables Version: 1.2.7a Summary: IP Packet Filter Administration

Name: iptraf Version: 2.5.0 Summary: TCP/IP Network Monitor

Name: iputils Version: ss020124 Summary: Network Utilities for IPv4 and IPv6

Name: ipvsadm Version: 1.21 Summary: Utility to administer the Linux Virtual Server

Name: ipxrip Version: 0.7 Summary: IPX routing daemon

Name: ircd Version: 2.10.3 Summary: Internet Relay Chat Server

Name: isapnp Version: 1.26 Summary: ISA plug and play configuration utility

Name: isax Version: 1.3 Summary: Improved SuSE advanced XF86-configuration

Name: itcl Version: 3.3 Summary: Object oriented extension for Tcl

Name: jakarta-tomcat Version: 4.0.4 Summary: The servlet container

Name: java2 Version: 1.3.1 Summary: Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition

Name: java2-jre Version: 1.3.1 Summary: Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment

Name: jfsutils Version: 1.0.24 Summary: IBM JFS utility programs

Name: joe Version: 2.9.8 Summary: A Text Editor

Name: jserv Version: 1.1.2 Summary: A 100% pure Java servlet engine for Apache

Name: k_athlon Version: 2.4.19 Summary: Kernel optimized for AMD Athlon processors

Name: kbd Version: 1.06 Summary: Keyboard and font utilities

Name: kdebase3 Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE base package: base system

Name: kdebase3-kdm Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE base package: Netscape plugin support

Name: kdebase3-konqueror Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE base package: base system

Name: kdebase3-ksysguardd Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE base package: ksysguard daemon

Name: kdebase3-nsplugin Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE base package: Netscape plugin support

Name: kdebase3-UnitedLinux Version: 1.0 Summary: KDE UnitedLinux extension

Name: k_deflt Version: 2.4.19 Summary: The standard kernel

Name: kdegraphics3-extra Version: 3.0.3 Summary: small KDE graphic applications

Name: kdelibs3 Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE base package: Libraries

Name: kdelibs3-cups Version: 3.0.3 Summary: cups extensions for KDE print system.

Name: kdenetwork3 Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE network libs

Name: kdenetwork3-mail Version: 3.0.3 Summary: Mail related applications around kmail

Name: kdeutils3 Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE utility programs

Name: kinput2 Version: v3.1beta4 Summary: kanji input server for X11

Name: kinternet Version: 0.45 Summary: SuSE internet connecting tool

Name: k_psmp Version: 2.4.19 Summary: Kernel 2.4 with SMP-support for older processors (Pentium classic)

Name: k_smp Version: 2.4.19 Summary: Kernel with multiprocessor support

Name: ksymoops Version: 2.4.5 Summary: Kernel oops and error message decoder

Name: less Version: 376 Summary: less - opposite of more

Name: lha Version: 1.14i Summary: Pack program

Name: libaio Version: 0.3.15 Summary: Linux-native asynchronous I/O access library

Name: libart_lgpl Version: 2.3.10 Summary: Libart components licensed unter the LGPL

Name: libbonobo Version: 2.0.0 Summary: The Bonobo component system for the GNOME 2.0 platform

Name: libbonoboui Version: 2.0.1 Summary: Bonobo part of the GNOME User Interface Libraries

Name: libcap Version: 1.92 Summary: library and binaries for capabilities (linux-privs) support

Name: libexif Version: 0.5.3 Summary: A EXIF tag parsing library for digital cameras

Name: libgcc Version: 3.2 Summary: C compiler runtime library

Name: libghttp Version: 1.0.9 Summary: A GNOME library for HTTP access

Name: libgimpprint Version: 4.3.3 Summary: Gimp-Print libraries

Name: libglade Version: 0.16 Summary: Glade library compatible to GNOME 2.0 platform

Name: libglade2 Version: 2.0.0 Summary: Glade library compatible to GNOME 2.0 platform

Name: libgnome Version: 2.0.2 Summary: The GNOME 2 base libraries

Name: libgnomecanvas Version: 2.0.2 Summary: Add-On for the GNOME-User-Interface libraries

Name: libgnomeprint Version: 1.115.0 Summary: The GNOME 2.x printing library

Name: libgnomeprintui Version: 1.115.0 Summary: User Interface Part of the GNOME-Printing library

Name: libgnomeui Version: 2.0.3 Summary: The GNOME User Interface Library

Name: libgtkhtml Version: 2.0.1 Summary: Library for HTML support inside GTK2.0

Name: libgtop2 Version: 2.0.0 Summary: LibGTop library

Name: libica Version: 1.2 Summary: Interface library to the ICA device driver

Name: libidl Version: 0.8.0 Summary: IDL parsing library

Name: libiodbc Version: 3.0.6 Summary: The iODBC Driver Manager Library

Name: libjpeg Version: 6.2.0 Summary: JPEG-Libraries

Name: liblcms Version: 1.09 Summary: little cms engine

Name: libmcal Version: 0.6 Summary: Modular Calendar Access Library

Name: libmcrypt Version: 2.5.2 Summary: Data encryption library

Name: libmikmod Version: 3.1.10 Summary: MikMod sound library

Name: libmng Version: 1.0.4 Summary: support for MNG and JNG formats

Name: libnet Version: 1.0.2a Summary: A C library for portable packet creation

Name: libogg Version: 1.0 Summary: Ogg Bitstream Library

Name: libpcap Version: 0.7.1 Summary: Library for network sniffers

Name: libpng Version: 1.2.4 Summary: Library for the PortableNetGraphics Format

Name: libPropList Version: 0.10.1 Summary: PropList Library needed by WindowMaker and related Projects

Name: librsvg Version: 1.0.1 Summary: A library for rendering of SVG data

Name: librsvg2 Version: 2.0.1 Summary: A library for rendering of SVG data

Name: libstdc++ Version: 3.2 Summary: Standard C++ shared library

Name: libtabe Version: 0.2.6 Summary: library for Chinese language processing, used in input methods et al

Name: libtiff Version: 3.5.7 Summary: Tiff Library (with jpeg and compression support)

Name: libtool Version: 1.4.2 Summary: Tool to build "shared libraries"

Name: libungif Version: 4.1.0b1 Summary: Successor of libgif

Name: libunicode Version: 0.4 Summary: A library to handle unicodes

Name: libusb Version: 0.1.5 Summary: USB library

Name: libvorbis Version: 1.0 Summary: The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec

Name: libwnck Version: 0.16 Summary: Window Navigator Construction Kit (Library-package)

Name: libxcrypt Version: 1.1 Summary: Crypt library for DES, MD5 and blowfish

Name: libxml Version: 1.8.17 Summary: Library to manipulate XML files (version 1)

Name: libxml2 Version: 2.4.23 Summary: Library to manipulate XML files

Name: libxslt Version: 1.0.19 Summary: XSL Transformation Library

Name: liby2util Version: 2.6.21 Summary: yast2 core logging functions

Name: lilo Version: 22.3.2 Summary: LInux LOader

Name: linc Version: 0.5.2 Summary: Network client/server library

Name: linux-atm Version: 2.4.0 Summary: Tools and libraries for ATM

Name: linux-iscsi Version: Summary: access iSCSI devices

Name: lkcdutils Version: 4.1_1 Summary: Linux Kernel Crash Dump (LKCD) Utilities

Name: logrotate Version: 3.5.9 Summary: Rotates, compresses, removes and mails system log files

Name: logsurfer Version: 1.5a Summary: Powerfull tool to observe logfiles

Name: lsb Version: 1.2 Summary: Linux Standard Base tools

Name: lsb-runtime Version: 1.2 Summary: LSB runtime environment

Name: lsof Version: 4.64 Summary: Lists information about files opened by processes

Name: ltrace Version: 0.3.26 Summary: Trace library & system calls of a program

Name: lukemftp Version: 1.5 Summary: enhanced ftp client

Name: lvm Version: 1.0.5 Summary: LVM tools

Name: m4 Version: 1.4o Summary: GNU m4

Name: mailman Version: 2.0.13 Summary: mailman

Name: mailx Version: 8.1.1 Summary: The BSD mailx mailer

Name: make Version: 3.79.1 Summary: GNU make command

Name: makedev Version: 2.6 Summary: Script for creating device files in /dev

Name: man Version: 2.3.19deb4.0 Summary: Program for displaying man pages

Name: marsnwe Version: 0.99.pl20 Summary: Novell server emulation

Name: mc Version: 4.5.55 Summary: Midnight Commander

Name: mdadm Version: 1.0.1 Summary: Utility for configuring MD setup

Name: medusa Version: 0.5.1 Summary: An indexed filesearch software

Name: mesa Version: 4.0.3 Summary: Documentation and two demos for Open Source OpenGL library Mesa

Name: mesaglu Version: 4.0.3 Summary: SGI's sample implementation of the GLU library

Name: mesaglut Version: 4.0.3 Summary: glut library of Mesa

Name: mesasoft Version: 4.0.3 Summary: Mesa Software driver

Name: metacity Version: 2.4.0 Summary: Fast Windowmanager for GNOME 2.0

Name: metacity-setup Version: 0.6 Summary: Configuration tool for the Metacity Windowmanager

Name: mgetty Version: 1.1.28 Summary: Listens on a serial line for data, fax or voice calls

Name: mh Version: 6.8.4debian28 Summary: Unix Mail Handler

Name: microcode_ctl Version: 1.06 Summary: microcode updates for Intel CPUs

Name: minicom Version: 2.00.0 Summary: A terminal program

Name: mirror Version: 2.9 Summary: Perl scripts for mirroring ftp servers

Name: mktemp Version: 1.5 Summary: Utility for tempfiles

Name: mlterm Version: 2.5.0 Summary: Multi Lingual TERMinal emulator for X

Name: mm Version: 1.2.1 Summary: Shared Memory Library

Name: mod_dav Version: 1.0.3 Summary: Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning

Name: mod_perl Version: 1.27 Summary: Embedded Perl for Apache

Name: mod_php4 Version: 4.2.2 Summary: Latest version of the HTML embedded scripting language

Name: mod_php4-core Version: 4.2.2 Summary: core files of PHP4

Name: mod_php4-servlet Version: 4.2.2 Summary: PHP4 as a Jakarta servlet

Name: mod_python Version: 2.7.8 Summary: Python module for the Apache web server

Name: mod_ssl Version: 2.8.10 Summary: Strong cryptography for the Apache 1.3 webserver

Name: modutils Version: 2.4.19 Summary: Load modutils into the kernel

Name: mon Version: 0.99.2 Summary: The mon network monitoring system

Name: mozilla Version: 1.0.1 Summary: The OpenSource version of the Netscape browser

Name: mozilla-mail Version: 1.0.1 Summary: Mozilla's Mailclient

Name: mrt Version: 2.2.2a Summary: Multi Threaded Routing Toolkit

Name: mrtg Version: 2.9.22 Summary: The Multi Router Traffic Grapher

Name: mtools Version: 3.9.8 Summary: Access files on an MS-DOS filesystem

Name: mtr Version: 0.46 Summary: Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool

Name: mtr-gtk Version: 0.46 Summary: Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool

Name: mt_st Version: 0.7 Summary: mt-st controls magnetic tape drive

Name: mtx Version: 1.2.15 Summary: Program to control the robotic mechanism in DDS Autoloaders

Name: mutt Version: 1.4i Summary: Mail program

Name: MyODBC-libiodbc Version: 2.50.39 Summary: ODBC interface for communication with MySQL compiled with libiodbc

Name: MyODBC-unixODBC Version: 2.50.39 Summary: ODBC interface for communication with MySQL compiled with unixODBC

Name: mysql Version: 3.23.52 Summary: A true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server

Name: mysql-client Version: 3.23.52 Summary: MySQL - Client

Name: mysql-shared Version: 3.23.52 Summary: MySQL - Shared libraries

Name: nagios Version: 1.0b4 Summary: Nagios network monitor

Name: nagios-nsca Version: 2.1 Summary: Nagios Service Check Acceptor

Name: nagios-plugins Version: 1.3b1 Summary: Nagios plugins

Name: nagios-plugins-extras Version: 1.3b1 Summary: Nagios plugins which depend on additional packages

Name: nagios-www Version: 1.0b4 Summary: Nagios network monitor

Name: nautilus2 Version: 2.0.3 Summary: The GNOME 2.0 Filemanager

Name: ncftp Version: 3.1.3 Summary: A comfortable ftp program

Name: ncpfs Version: Summary: Tools for accessing Novell filesystems

Name: ncurses Version: 5.2 Summary: New curses libraries

Name: nessus Version: 1.2.3 Summary: Powerful Security Scanner

Name: netacct Version: 0.71 Summary: Network accounting

Name: netatalk Version: Summary: Appletalk for Linux

Name: netcat Version: 1.10 Summary: A simple but powerful network tool

Name: netdate Version: 1.2 Summary: Set date and time by ARPA Internet RFC 868

Name: netdiag Version: 20010114 Summary: Hardware level diagnostic tool

Name: netscape-plugins Version: 4.80 Summary: Netscape Plugins

Name: net-tools Version: 1.60 Summary: Important programs for networking

Name: nfs-utils Version: 1.0.1 Summary: Support utilities for kernel nfsd

Name: ngpt Version: 2.0.1 Summary: Next Generation POSIX Threading

Name: ngrep Version: 1.40 Summary: grep for network layer

Name: nmap Version: 3.00 Summary: Portscanner

Name: nn Version: 6.6.4 Summary: The nn news reader

Name: nss_db Version: 2.1.92 Summary: NSS library for DB

Name: nss_ldap Version: 199 Summary: NSS LDAP Module

Name: ntop Version: 2.1.2 Summary: Web-based Network Traffic Monitor

Name: NVIDIA_GLX Version: 0.8 Summary: NVIDIA module for XFree86 4.0 X server and OpenGL libraries

Name: NVIDIA_kernel Version: 0.8 Summary: NVIDIA kernel module for NVIDIA Architecture support

Name: oaf Version: 0.6.10 Summary: The GNOME object activation framework

Name: openCryptoki Version: 1.5 Summary: Implementation of PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) v2.01 for IBM Crypto Hardware

Name: openCryptoki-32bit Version: 1.5 Summary: Implementation of PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) v2.01 for IBM Crypto Hardware

Name: openldap2 Version: 2.1.4 Summary: The new OpenLDAP Server (LDAPv3)

Name: openldap2-client Version: 2.1.4 Summary: OpenLDAP2 client utilities

Name: openldap-lib Version: 1.2.13 Summary: OpenLDAP shared libraries

Name: openmotif Version: 2.2.2 Summary: Open Motif

Name: openssh Version: 3.4p1 Summary: Secure shell client and server (remote login program)

Name: openssh-askpass Version: 3.4p1 Summary: Secure shell client and server (remote login program)

Name: openssl Version: 0.9.6g Summary: Secure Sockets and Transport Layer Security

Name: opie Version: 2.4 Summary: An OPIE module for PAM

Name: orbit Version: 0.5.17 Summary: A high-performance CORBA ORB

Name: orbit2 Version: 2.4.1 Summary: High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker

Name: pam Version: 0.76 Summary: A security tool which provides authentication for applications

Name: pam_krb5 Version: 1.0.3 Summary: PAM module for Kerberos authentication

Name: pam_ldap Version: 150 Summary: PAM module for LDAP authentication

Name: pam-modules Version: 2002.8.27 Summary: Additional PAM Modules

Name: pam_radius Version: 1.3.15 Summary: PAM-module for user authentication against a radius server

Name: pam_smb Version: 1.1.6 Summary: PAM module for user authentication using an NT server

Name: pango Version: 1.0.4 Summary: System for layout and rendering of internationalized text

Name: parted Version: 1.6.3 Summary: GNU partitioner

Name: patch Version: 2.5.4 Summary: GNU patch program

Name: pax Version: 3.0 Summary: POSIX File System Archiver

Name: pbm2l7k Version: 990321 Summary: Driver for Lexmark printer 7000, 7200 and 5700

Name: pciutils Version: 2.1.10 Summary: PCI-utilities (for 2.2 kernel or newer)

Name: pcmcia Version: 3.2.0 Summary: PCMCIA support for Linux (also needed for kernel 2.4)

Name: pcre Version: 3.9 Summary: Library for Perl-compatible regular expressions

Name: pcsc-lite Version: 1.0.1 Summary: SmartCards Library of MUSCLE project

Name: pdksh Version: 5.2.14 Summary: Public Domain Korn Shell

Name: perl Version: 5.8.0 Summary: Perl interpreter

Name: perl-Convert-BER Version: 1.31 Summary: Convert::BER

Name: perl-Crypt-DES Version: 2.03 Summary: perl module Crypt::DES

Name: perl-DateManip Version: 5.40 Summary: Date manipulation routines

Name: perl-Digest-HMAC Version: 1.01 Summary: Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication

Name: perl-Digest-SHA1 Version: 2.01 Summary: Perl interface to the SHA-1 Algorithm

Name: perl-gettext Version: 1.01 Summary: gettext for perl

Name: perl-HTML-Parser Version: 3.26 Summary: Perl HTML Interface

Name: perl-HTML-Tagset Version: 3.03 Summary: Data tables useful in dealing with HTML

Name: perl-libwww-perl Version: 5.65 Summary: Modules Providing API to WWW

Name: perl-Mon Version: 0.11 Summary: Client Perl modules for Mon

Name: perl-Net-SNMP Version: 4.0.2 Summary: Net::SNMP Perl Module

Name: perl-Net_SSLeay Version: 1.18 Summary: Net::SSLeay Perl Module

Name: perl-SNMP Version: 4.2.0 Summary: perl-SNMP

Name: perl-Tie-IxHash Version: 1.21 Summary: perl module TieIxHash

Name: perl-TimeDate Version: 1.10 Summary: Perl Modules for time and date calculation

Name: perl-Time-Period Version: 1.20 Summary: A Perl module to deal with time periods

Name: perl-Tk Version: 800.024 Summary: Perl Tk

Name: perl-URI Version: 1.20 Summary: Perl interface for URI objects

Name: perl-XML-Parser Version: 2.31 Summary: XML Parser (Perl module)

Name: perl-XML-Writer Version: 0.4 Summary: Perl extension for writing XML documents

Name: permissions Version: 2002.9.10 Summary: SuSE Linux base package

Name: pidentd Version: 3.1a24 Summary: An implementation of the RFC1413 identification server

Name: plotutils Version: 2.4.1 Summary: The GNU Plotting Utilities

Name: popt Version: 1.6 Summary: C library for parsing command line parameters

Name: portmap Version: 5beta Summary: A program which manages RPC connections

Name: postfix Version: 1.1.11 Summary: A fast, secure and flexible mailer

Name: postgresql Version: 7.2.2 Summary: PostgreSQL - the Database

Name: postgresql-jdbc Version: 7.2.2 Summary: Files needed for Java programs to access a PostgreSQL database

Name: postgresql-libs Version: 7.2.2 Summary: The shared libraries required for any PostgreSQL clients.

Name: postgresql-odbc Version: 7.2.2 Summary: The ODBC driver needed for accessing a PostgreSQL DB using ODBC

Name: postgresql-perl Version: 7.2.2 Summary: Development module needed for Perl code to access a PostgreSQL DB

Name: postgresql-python Version: 7.2.2 Summary: Development module for Python code to access a PostgreSQL DB

Name: postgresql-server Version: 7.2.2 Summary: The programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server

Name: postgresql-tcl Version: 7.2.2 Summary: A Tcl client library, and the PL/Tcl procedural language for PostgreSQL

Name: ppp Version: 2.4.1 Summary: PPP ("Point to Point Protocol") for Linux

Name: pptpd Version: 1.1.2 Summary: PoPToP - PPTP Daemon, Linux as MS VPN Server

Name: procmail Version: 3.15.1 Summary: Local email delivery

Name: ps Version: 2002.9.10 Summary: ps utils for /proc

Name: psutils Version: p17 Summary: Tools for manipulating PostScript files

Name: python Version: 2.2.1 Summary: Python Interpreter

Name: python-egenix-mx-base Version: 2.0.3 Summary: mx Extensions for Python (base)

Name: python-gtk Version: 1.4.2 Summary: Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set

Name: python-imaging Version: 1.1.3 Summary: The Python Imaging Library - PIL

Name: python-mysql Version: 0.9.1 Summary: Interface to the popular MySQL database server for Python

Name: python-nothreads Version: 2.2.1 Summary: The libraries and header files needed for Python development

Name: python-tk Version: 2.2.1 Summary: TkInter - Python Tk Interface

Name: qpopper Version: 4.0.4 Summary: POP3 mail daemon from Qualcomm Inc.

Name: qt3 Version: 3.0.5 Summary: Program library for developing applications in C++ with graphical user interfaces

Name: qt3-mysql Version: 3.0.5 Summary: MySQL plugin for Qt

Name: qt3-non-mt Version: 3.0.5 Summary: Program library for developing applications with graphical user interfaces

Name: qt3-postgresql Version: 3.0.5 Summary: PostgreSQL plugin for Qt

Name: qt3-unixODBC Version: 3.0.5 Summary: unixODBC plugin for Qt

Name: quota Version: 3.03 Summary: Disk Quota System

Name: radiusclient Version: 0.3.1 Summary: Radius client software

Name: radvd Version: 0.7.1 Summary: Router ADVertisement Daemon for IPv6

Name: raidtools Version: 0.90 Summary: Software-raid utilities

Name: rarpd Version: 1.1 Summary: reverse address resolution protocol daemon

Name: rcs Version: 5.7 Summary: Revision Control System

Name: rdist Version: 6.1.5 Summary: "Remote file distribution" utility

Name: readline Version: 4.3 Summary: The readline library

Name: recode Version: 3.6 Summary: THE Character Set Converter

Name: reiserfs Version: 3.6.2 Summary: reiserfs utilities

Name: rinetd Version: 0.61 Summary: TCP redirection server

Name: rpm Version: 3.0.6 Summary: RPM Package Manager

Name: rp-pppoe Version: 3.5 Summary: A PPP-over-Ethernet redirector for pppd

Name: rrdtool Version: 1.0.39 Summary: Tool for data logging and analysis

Name: rsh Version: 0.17 Summary: Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp)

Name: rsh-server Version: 0.17 Summary: Servers for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp)

Name: rstatd Version: 3.06 Summary: RPC kernel statistics server

Name: rsync Version: 2.5.5 Summary: Replacement for rcp/mirror that has many more features

Name: ruby Version: 1.6.7 Summary: Interpreted object-oriented scripting language

Name: rzsz Version: 0.12.20 Summary: X-, Y- and Z-Modem data transfer protocols

Name: sablot Version: 0.82 Summary: XSL processor

Name: saint Version: 3.4.2 Summary: Tool to assess the security of computer networks

Name: samba Version: 2.2.5 Summary: An SMB file server for Unix

Name: samba-client Version: 2.2.5 Summary: Samba client utilities SAM independent files

Name: samba-vscan Version: 0.2.5d Summary: on-access virus scanning with Samba

Name: sap-compress Version: 1.0 Summary: compression wrapper program

Name: sash Version: 3.4 Summary: Stand-alone shell with built-in commands

Name: sax2 Version: 4.7 Summary: SuSE advanced X-Configuration (XFree86 4.x)

Name: sax Version: 2.9 Summary: SuSE advanced X Configuration

Name: saxident Version: 1.1 Summary: SaX2 Identitiy and Profile information

Name: saxtools Version: 2.2 Summary: X11 tools for SaX2

Name: scanlogd Version: 2.2 Summary: Detects and logs portscans

Name: screen Version: 3.9.13 Summary: Multi Screen on a VT100/ANSI Terminal

Name: scsi Version: 1.7_2.28_1.00 Summary: SCSI tools (text mode)

Name: scsi-changer Version: 0.20 Summary: SCSI media changer tools

Name: scslog Version: 2.3 Summary: Kernel module for system-call tracing

Name: SDL Version: 1.2.4 Summary: Simple DirectMedia Layer Library

Name: sed Version: 3.02.80 Summary: A stream-oriented non-interactive text editor

Name: sendmail Version: 8.12.6 Summary: BSD sendmail

Name: sensors Version: 2.6.4 Summary: Hardware health monitoring for Linux

Name: setserial Version: 2.17 Summary: Utility for configuring serial ports

Name: sgrep Version: 1.92a Summary: Search for a structured pattern

Name: shadow Version: 4.0.2 Summary: Shadow password suite

Name: sharutils Version: 4.2c Summary: GNU shar utilities

Name: sh-utils Version: 2.0 Summary: GNU shellutils

Name: sitecopy Version: 0.11.4 Summary: Local->Remote website synchronizer

Name: slang Version: 1.4.5 Summary: A library for display control - development package

Name: smpppd Version: 0.78 Summary: SuSE Meta PPP Daemon

Name: snort Version: 1.8.7b128 Summary: packet-sniffer/logger

Name: squid Version: 2.4.STABLE7 Summary: Squid WWW proxy server

Name: squidGuard Version: 1.2.0 Summary: filter plugin for squid

Name: sslwrap Version: 2.10 Summary: An encrypting inetd service

Name: star Version: 1.4.1 Summary: Fast POSIX.1-2001 compliant tar implementation

Name: statserial Version: 1.1 Summary: Helps to debug serial lines

Name: strace Version: 4.4 Summary: Trace system calls of a program

Name: stunnel Version: 3.14 Summary: Universal SSL tunnel

Name: suck Version: 4.3.0 Summary: Reading News Offline

Name: sudo Version: 1.6.6 Summary: Execute some commands as root

Name: susevbox Version: 1.1 Summary: A configuration tool for vbox and an answer phone

Name: sysconfig Version: 0.23.22 Summary: The package to provide the new sysconfig scheme

Name: syslogd Version: 1.4.1 Summary: Syslogd

Name: sysstat Version: 4.0.3 Summary: sar and iostat commands for Linux

Name: sysvinit Version: 2.82 Summary: SysV-Style init

Name: t1lib Version: 1.3.1 Summary: Adobe Type 1 font rasterizing library

Name: talk Version: 0.17 Summary: Talk client to chat with another user

Name: talk-server Version: 0.17 Summary: Talk-Daemon to chat with another user

Name: tar Version: 1.13.25 Summary: GNU implementation of tar ( (t)ape (ar)chiver )

Name: tarfix Version: 1.0 Summary: Recovers damaged tar-archives

Name: tcl Version: 8.4 Summary: The Tcl script language

Name: tclx Version: 8.4 Summary: TclX - Extended Tcl

Name: tcpd Version: 7.6 Summary: A security wrapper for TCP daemons

Name: tcpdump Version: 3.7.1 Summary: Packet sniffer

Name: tcsh Version: 6.12.00 Summary: The tcsh

Name: telnet Version: 1.0 Summary: Client program for the telnet remote login protocol

Name: telnet-server Version: 1.0 Summary: Server program for the telnet remote login protocol

Name: terminfo Version: 5.2 Summary: Complete /usr/share/terminfo database

Name: texinfo Version: 4.2 Summary: GNU Texinfo

Name: textutils Version: 2.1 Summary: GNU Text Utilities

Name: tftp Version: 0.29 Summary: Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)

Name: timezone Version: 2.2.5 Summary: Time zone descriptions

Name: tix Version: 8.1.3 Summary: Tools for tk

Name: tk Version: 8.4 Summary: TK toolkit for TCL

Name: tn5250 Version: 0.16.5 Summary: 5250 Emulator

Name: TraceToolkit Version: 0.9.5 Summary: Toolkit for tracing kernel events and displaying them.

Name: traffic-vis Version: 0.34 Summary: Network traffic analysis suite

Name: tripwire Version: 1.2 Summary: A tool to observe the filesystem

Name: ttcp Version: 1.4 Summary: Test TCP and UDP performance

Name: ttmkfdir Version: 19980909 Summary: mkfontdir for Truetype fonts

Name: type1inst Version: 0.6.1 Summary: PostScript font installation utility

Name: ucdsnmp Version: 4.2.5 Summary: UCD SNMP daemon

Name: umsprogs Version: 1.13 Summary: File system utilities

Name: unace Version: 1.2b Summary: ACE archive extractor

Name: unarj Version: 2.43 Summary: Pack program

Name: unclutter Version: 8 Summary: Remove idle cursor image from screen

Name: unitedlinux-release Version: 1.0 Summary: UnitedLinux release file

Name: units Version: 1.74 Summary: Units conversion utility

Name: unixODBC Version: 2.2.2 Summary: ODBC driver manager with some drivers included.

Name: unrar Version: 3.00 Summary: Extract, test and view RAR archives

Name: unzip Version: 5.50 Summary: Unpacks .zip files

Name: usbutils Version: 0.10 Summary: tools and libs for the USB devices

Name: usbview Version: 1.0 Summary: USB topology and device viewer

Name: utempter Version: 0.5.2 Summary: A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates.

Name: util-linux Version: 2.11u Summary: A collection of basic system utilities

Name: uucp Version: 1.06.1 Summary: Taylor UUCP

Name: vacation Version: 1.2.5 Summary: Automatic reply to incoming mails

Name: varmon Version: 1.0.2 Summary: Mylex DAC960 RAID controller monitoring tool

Name: vim Version: 6.1 Summary: Vi IMproved

Name: vlan Version: 1.6 Summary: 802.1q vlan implementation for Linux

Name: vnc Version: 3.3.3r2 Summary: A virtual X-Server

Name: vsftpd Version: 1.1.0 Summary: A Very Secure FTP Daemon - written from scratch.

Name: vtun Version: 2.5 Summary: Virtual Tunnel Client/Server.

Name: w3m Version: 0.3.1 Summary: A text-based WWW browser

Name: w3m-inline-image Version: 0.3.1 Summary: Inline image extension for w3m

Name: wavplay Version: 1.4 Summary: Player / recorder for WAV files

Name: wdiff Version: 0.5.2 Summary: Display word differences between text files

Name: webalizer Version: 2.01 Summary: Web server log file analysis program

Name: wget Version: 1.8.2 Summary: A tool for mirroring FTP and HTTP servers

Name: whois Version: 4.5.29 Summary: whois client program

Name: wireless-tools Version: 23 Summary: Tools for wireless LAN

Name: wvdial Version: 1.42 Summary: A PPP dialer

Name: wwwoffle Version: 2.7f Summary: World Wide Web Offline Proxy

Name: x3270 Version: 3.2.16 Summary: Family of IBM 3270 terminal emulators

Name: xaw3d Version: 1.5 Summary: 3D Athena Widgets

Name: xbanner Version: 1.31 Summary: X-Background writings and images

Name: xchat Version: 1.8.10 Summary: An IRC client

Name: xcin Version: 2.5.3.pre2 Summary: An X Input Method Server for Chinese.

Name: xdevel Version: 4.2.0 Summary: Developing under XFree86\tm

Name: xf86_3x Version: 3.3.6 Summary: XFree86 3.X environment

Name: xf86 Version: 4.2.0 Summary: Basic X11 package

Name: xf86_glx Version: 4.2.0 Summary: XFree86 4.X GLX driver

Name: xf86tools Version: 0.1 Summary: Tools for XFree86

Name: xfglrx Version: 2.0.11 Summary: XFree86 4.x Beta driver module for FireGL 8x00 boards

Name: xfine Version: 2.8 Summary: XF86-fine tuning tool

Name: xfiregl1 Version: 2.8.4 Summary: XFree86 4.x driver module for Diamond FireGL 1 boards

Name: xfiregl23 Version: 1.9.22 Summary: XFree86 4.x driver module for Diamond FireGL 2/3/4 boards

Name: xfntscl Version: 4.2.0 Summary: Scalable fonts for X11

Name: xfsdump Version: 2.1.3 Summary: Administrative utilities for the XFS filesystem

Name: xfsprogs Version: 2.2.1 Summary: Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem

Name: xibod Version: 2.0 Summary: Control panel for ibod ISDN bandwidth-on-demand daemon

Name: xinetd Version: 2.3.6 Summary: Another 'inetd' with expanded functionality

Name: xled Version: 1.3.1 Summary: A LED for vbox (the ISDN answering machine for Linux)

Name: xloader Version: 4.2.0 Summary: XFree86 4.x Loader

Name: xlock Version: 5.03 Summary: A screen saver

Name: xmms Version: 1.2.7 Summary: an extensible media player

Name: xmods_3x Version: 3.3.6 Summary: Modules for XFree86 3.x X Server

Name: xmodules Version: 4.2.0 Summary: X11 base modules

Name: xntp Version: 4.1.1 Summary: Network Time Protocol daemon (version 4)

Name: xosview Version: 1.8.0 Summary: Info on the system load

Name: xpp Version: 1.1 Summary: CUPS frontend

Name: xscreensaver Version: 4.05 Summary: A screensaver application

Name: xscsi Version: 1.7_2.28_1.00 Summary: Graphical frontend for scsiinfo

Name: xshared Version: 4.2.0 Summary: X11 shared libs

Name: xtermset Version: 0.5.1 Summary: Change settings of an xterm

Name: xvga16 Version: 3.3.6 Summary: Server for VGA cards (16 colors)

Name: yast2 Version: 2.6.40 Summary: YaST2 - installation scripts and documentation

Name: yast2-bootloader Version: 2.6.62 Summary: YaST2 - component for bootloader configuration

Name: yast2-control-center Version: 2.6.14 Summary: YaST2 - Menu selection

Name: yast2-core Version: 2.6.53 Summary: YaST2 - interpreter runtime library

Name: yast2-country Version: 2.6.34 Summary: country specific settings (language, keyboard, timezone)

Name: yast2-installation Version: 2.6.90 Summary: Code needed for system installation

Name: yast2-mouse Version: 2.6.18 Summary: Mouse configuration module

Name: yast2-ncurses Version: 2.6.20 Summary: YaST2 - character based user interface

Name: yast2-network Version: 2.6.33 Summary: YaST2 - component for network configuration

Name: yast2-online-update Version: 2.6.13 Summary: YaST2 - Configuration Package Update

Name: yast2-packagemanager Version: 2.6.44 Summary: yast2-packagemanager

Name: yast2-packager Version: 2.6.78 Summary: YaST2 - Package library

Name: yast2-pam Version: 2.6.5 Summary: YaST2 PAM agent

Name: yast2-printer Version: 2.6.42 Summary: YaST2 - component for printer configuration

Name: yast2-qt Version: 2.6.23 Summary: Graphical user interface for YaST2

Name: yast2-storage Version: 2.6.46 Summary: YaST2 disk storage handling

Name: yast2-transfer Version: 2.6.1 Summary: YaST2 Agent for various Transfer Protocols

Name: yast2-tune Version: 2.6.13 Summary: YaST2 - component for hardware configuration

Name: yast2-update Version: 2.6.22 Summary: YaST2 - Update

Name: yast2-x11 Version: 2.6.14 Summary: YaST2 module for configuring X11 from the YaST2 control center.

Name: yast2-xml Version: 2.6.8 Summary: YaST2 XML Agent.

Name: yelp Version: 1.0.3 Summary: The GNOME 2.0 Help Browser

Name: ypbind Version: 1.12 Summary: NIS client daemon

Name: ypserv Version: 2.5 Summary: YP - (NIS)-server

Name: yp-tools Version: 2.7 Summary: NIS (YP) client utilities

Name: zebra Version: 0.92a Summary: free routing software (e.g. for BGP and OSPF)

Name: zhxtt Version: 1.0 Summary: Truetype engine checker for chinese language environment

Name: zip Version: 2.3 Summary: Pack program

Name: zlib Version: 1.1.4 Summary: Data Compression Library

Name: zoo Version: 2.10 Summary: Pack program

Name: zsh Version: 4.0.6 Summary: zsh shell

Name: glibc Version: 2.2.5 Summary: The shared libraries (from the c-library-package)

Name: autoyast2-installation Version: 2.6.36 Summary: AutoYaST2 Installation Modules

Name: ghostscript-cjk Version: 20021017 Summary: stuff to use CJK TrueType fonts and CID-keyed fonts with Ghostscript

Name: icons Version: 101.0 Summary: Lots of icons

Name: ifntchia Version: 1.2 Summary: Chinese fonts for X11

Name: ifnteuro Version: 1.2 Summary: European fonts for X11

Name: intlfnts Version: 1.2 Summary: Documentation of the International Fonts

Name: kde3-i18n-de Version: 3.0.3 Summary: German translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-en_GB Version: 3.0.3 Summary: English (UK) translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-es Version: 3.0.3 Summary: Spanish translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-fr Version: 3.0.3 Summary: French translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-hu Version: 3.0.3 Summary: Hungarian translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-it Version: 3.0.3 Summary: Italian translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-ja Version: 3.0.3 Summary: Japanese translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-ko Version: 3.0.3 Summary: Korean translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-pt Version: 3.0.3 Summary: Portuguese translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-pt_BR Version: 3.0.3 Summary: Brazil Portuguese translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-zh_CN Version: 3.0.3 Summary: simplified Chinese translations for KDE

Name: kde3-i18n-zh_TW Version: 3.0.3 Summary: Chinese translations for KDE

Name: man-pages Version: 1.53 Summary: LDP manual pages

Name: metacity-themes Version: 0.1 Summary: Themes for the Metacity Windowmanager

Name: netcfg Version: 2002.9.4 Summary: Network configuration files in /etc

Name: providers Version: 2002.9.8 Summary: List of internet service providers

Name: seccheck Version: 2.0 Summary: Security-check scripts

Name: sitar Version: 0.7.2 Summary: SuSE System InformaTion at Runtime

Name: suse-build-key Version: 1.0 Summary: The public gpg key for rpm package signature verification

Name: SuSEfirewall2 Version: 3.1 Summary: Packetfilter using 2.4 kernel's iptables/netfilter

Name: UnitedLinux-build-key Version: 1.0 Summary: The public gpg key for rpm package signature verification for UnitedLinux packages

Name: words Version: words.2 Summary: English dictionary

Name: yast2-ldap-client Version: 2.6.5 Summary: YaST2 - Configuration of LDAP client

Name: yast2-mail Version: 2.6.17 Summary: YaST2 - Configuration of mailing

Name: yast2-nfs-client Version: 2.6.11 Summary: YaST2 - Configuration of NFS

Name: yast2-nfs-server Version: 2.6.13 Summary: YaST2 - Configuration of NFS server

Name: yast2-nis-client Version: 2.6.14 Summary: YaST2 - Configuration of Network Information Services (NIS,YP)

Name: yast2-nis-server Version: 2.6.11 Summary: YaST2 - Configuration of NIS server

Name: yast2-printerdb Version: 2.6.10 Summary: YaST2 - component for printer configuration

Name: yast2-security Version: 2.6.10 Summary: YaST2 - Configuration of security

Name: yast2-theme-UnitedLinux Version: 2.6.8 Summary: United Linux Theme for YaST2

Name: yast2-trans-bs Version: 2.6.5 Summary: YaST2 - Bosnian Translations

Name: yast2-trans-cs Version: 2.6.27 Summary: YaST2 - Czech translations

Name: yast2-trans-da Version: 2.6.8 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-de Version: 2.6.23 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-el_GR Version: 2.6.6 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-en_GB Version: 2.6.5 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-en_US Version: 2.6.7 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-es Version: 2.6.10 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-fr Version: 2.6.7 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-hu Version: 2.6.12 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-it Version: 2.6.9 Summary: YaST2 - Italian Translations

Name: yast2-trans-ja Version: 2.6.30 Summary: YaST2 - Translations for the Installation

Name: yast2-trans-ko Version: 2.6.5 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-lt Version: 2.6.6 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-nl Version: 2.6.12 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-pt_BR Version: 2.6.10 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-sk Version: 2.6.4 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-sl_SI Version: 2.6.6 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-sv Version: 2.6.14 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-tr Version: 2.6.6 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-zh_CN Version: 2.6.12 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-trans-zh_TW Version: 2.6.3 Summary: YaST2 - German Translations

Name: yast2-users Version: 2.6.30 Summary: YaST2 - component for user and group configuration