SCO Linux 4.0 Packages

(listing with full description)

Name: howto		Version: 20011107
Summary: Linux HOWTO collection.

Name: howto-en-html Version: 20011107 Summary: HTML English Linux HOWTOs.

Name: ldp Version: 20010328 Summary: Documents from the Linux Documentation Project.

Name: ldp-en-html Version: 20010328 Summary: Linux Documentation Project - English HTML.

Name: a2ps Version: 4.13 Summary: Converts ASCII text into PostScript

Name: amanda Version: 2.4.2p2 Summary: A network-capable tape backup solution.

Name: amanda-client Version: 2.4.2p2 Summary: The client component of the AMANDA tape backup system.

Name: amanda-devel Version: 2.4.2p2 Summary: Libraries and documentation of the AMANDA tape backup system.

Name: amanda-server Version: 2.4.2p2 Summary: The server side of the AMANDA tape backup system.

Name: apcupsd Version: 3.9.8 Summary: Power management software for APC UPS hardware

Name: apt Version: 0.5.4cnc7 Summary: Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool with RPM support

Name: apt-devel Version: 0.5.4cnc7 Summary: Development files and documentation for APT's libapt-pkg

Name: AST Version: 1.0 Summary: AST - Advanced Software Technologies open source collection

Name: cdrtools Version: 1.11a32 Summary: A command line CD/DVD-Recorder

Name: cdrtools-cdda2wav Version: 1.11a32 Summary: Get WAV files from digital audio cd's

Name: cdrtools-devel Version: 1.11a32 Summary: The libschily SCSI user level transport library

Name: cdrtools-mkisofs Version: 1.11a32 Summary: Creates an ISO9660 filesystem image

Name: cdrtools-readcd Version: 1.11a32 Summary: Read/Write data Compact Discs

Name: cdrtools-utils Version: 1.11a32 Summary: Dumping and verifying iso9660 images.

Name: docview Version: 1.1 Summary: DocView documentation server.

Name: dosemu Version: 1.1.1 Summary: A DOS emulator.

Name: dosemu-freedos Version: 1.1.1 Summary: A FreeDOS hdimage for dosemu, a DOS emulator, to use.

Name: ecu Version: 4.42 Summary: asynchronous serial and telnet communications program

Name: etherape Version: 0.8.2 Summary: Graphical network viewer modeled after etherman

Name: everybuddy Version: 0.4.2 Summary: Instant messaging client

Name: filters Version: 2002.7.11 Summary: printer filters for HP,Lexmark,CaPSL,Citizen,Apple

Name: html2ps Version: 1.0b3 Summary: HTML to PostScript converter

Name: hylafax Version: 4.1.3 Summary: HylaFAX(tm) is a sophisticated enterprise strength fax package

Name: hylafax-client Version: 4.1.3 Summary: The files for the HylaFAX(tm) fax client.

Name: hylafax-server Version: 4.1.3 Summary: The files for the HylaFAX(tm) fax server.

Name: inf2htm Version: 1.1 Summary: info2html, converts INFO pages to HTML pages

Name: jabber Version: 1.4.2 Summary: Jabber messaging system server

Name: jabber-conference Version: 0.4.1 Summary: Conference module for Jabber

Name: jabber-devel Version: 1.4.2 Summary: Header and library files for Jabber development

Name: jfbterm Version: 0.3.10 Summary: Multilingual Console for Linux Frame Buffer Device

Name: kdeadmin-kpackage Version: 3.0.3 Summary: KDE package manager

Name: kterm Version: 6.2.0 Summary: A Kanji (Japanese character set) terminal emulator for X.

Name: libhylafax4.1.1 Version: 4.1.3 Summary: Hylafax libraries

Name: libhylafax4.1.1-devel Version: 4.1.3 Summary: Hylafax libraries

Name: libnetpbm Version: 1.0.0 Summary: Libraries for the netpbm (NetPortableBitmap) graphic formats

Name: libtiff Version: 3.5.7 Summary: Library for handling TIFF files

Name: libtiff-devel Version: 3.5.7 Summary: header files for developing programs using libtiff

Name: libtiff-progs Version: 3.5.7 Summary: Simple clients for manipulating tiff images

Name: libtiff-static Version: 3.5.7 Summary: Static version libtiff library

Name: libxode1 Version: 1.2 Summary: A library for jabber.

Name: libxode1-devel Version: 1.2 Summary: Package to make developpement with libxode.

Name: lrzsz Version: 0.12.20 Summary: The lrz and lsz modem communications programs.

Name: lynx Version: 2.8.5dev.3 Summary: Text based browser for the world wide web

Name: lzo Version: 1.07 Summary: LZO - a real-time data compression library

Name: lzo-devel Version: 1.07 Summary: LZO header files

Name: lzo-static Version: 1.07 Summary: LZO static library

Name: mpack Version: 1.5 Summary: mpack and munpack MIME e-mail utilities

Name: MToolsFM Version: 1.8 Summary: a graphical frontend to mtools - easy access to floppies

Name: nas Version: 1.5 Summary: Network Audio System

Name: nas-devel Version: 1.5 Summary: Development headers for writing programs using NAS

Name: nas-static Version: 1.5 Summary: NAS static library

Name: netpbm Version: 10.5 Summary: A powerful graphics conversion package

Name: nkf Version: 1.92 Summary: A Kanji code conversion filter.

Name: openslp Version: 1.0.9 Summary: OpenSLP implementation of Service Location Protocol V2

Name: openslp-devel Version: 1.0.9 Summary: OpenSLP development files

Name: openslp-static Version: 1.0.9 Summary: OpenSLP static libraries

Name: perl-Compress-Zlib Version: 1.16 Summary: Compress-Zlib perl module

Name: perl-Crypt-SSLeay Version: 0.45 Summary: Crypt::SSLeay - OpenSSL glue that provides LWP https support

Name: perl-DBD-mysql Version: 2.1017 Summary: An implementation of DBI for MySQL

Name: perl-DBD-Pg Version: 1.13 Summary: A PostgresSQL interface for Perl

Name: perl-DBI Version: 1.30 Summary: DBI - Database independent interface for Perl

Name: perl-IPC-ShareLite Version: 0.08 Summary: IPC::ShareLite Perl module

Name: perl-libapreq Version: 1.0 Summary: Generic Apache Request Library

Name: plugger Version: 4.0 Summary: Streaming Netscape Plugin

Name: portsentry Version: 1.1 Summary: Port scan detection and active defense

Name: proftpd Version: 1.2.6 Summary: ProFTPD -- Professional FTP Server.

Name: proftpd-standalone Version: 1.2.6 Summary: ProFTPD -- Setup for standalone operation.

Name: prozilla Version: Summary: An advanced Linux download manager

Name: pth Version: 1.3.7 Summary: GNU Pth - GNU Portable Threads.

Name: pth-devel Version: 1.3.7 Summary: GNU Pth - GNU Portable Threads (Headers and Static Libs).

Name: rxvt Version: 2.7.5 Summary: rxvt - terminal emulator in an X window

Name: sane Version: 1.0.3 Summary: Scanner access software.

Name: sane-devel Version: 1.0.3 Summary: The SANE (a universal scanner interface) development toolkit.

Name: scolinux Version: 1.0 Summary: SCO customization of UnitedLinux

Name: si Version: 1.0 Summary: A system information viewer

Name: slocate Version: 2.6 Summary: Finds files on a system via a central database.

Name: smartpl Version: 0.99 Summary: Web configuration tool for MARS_NWE

Name: squirm Version: 1.23 Summary: Squirm - A Squid Web Cache Redirector

Name: strobe Version: 1.04 Summary: Strobe - Super optimized TCP port surveyor

Name: symlinks Version: 1.2 Summary: Symbolic link sanity checker

Name: urw-fonts Version: 1.1 Summary: Fonts for gnome-print

Name: wwwcount Version: 2.5 Summary: WWW Homepage Access Counter

Name: xdiskusage Version: 1.44 Summary: Grapically displays the amount of disks used for by each subdirectory.

Name: xdosemu Version: 1.1.1 Summary: A DOS emulator for the X Window System.

Name: xlHtml Version: Summary: Excel 95/97 and PowerPoint to html converter

Name: xlHtml-devel Version: Summary: Excel 95/97 to html converter development resources

Name: xlHtml-static Version: Summary: Excel 95/97 to html converter static libraries

Name: xml-i18n-tools Version: 0.8.1 Summary: XML Internationalization Tools

Name: xsane Version: 0.61 Summary: An X Window System front-end for the SANE scanner interface.

Name: xsane-gimp Version: 0.61 Summary: A GIMP plugin which provides a scanner interface.

Name: common-licenses Version: 1.0 Summary: Contains the various common licenses uses by the distribution

Name: freefonts Version: 0.10 Summary: Collection of Free ATM Fonts

Name: perl-Apache-Session Version: 1.54 Summary: Apache::Session Perl module

Name: perl-Cache-Cache Version: 1.01 Summary: Cache::Cache perl extension

Name: perl-Class-Container Version: 0.08 Summary: Class::Container - Glues object frameworks together transparently

Name: perl-Class-Data-Inheritable Version: 0.02 Summary: Class::Data::Inheritable Perl module

Name: perl-DBIx-DataSource Version: 0.02 Summary: DBIx::DataSource -- Database-independant create and drop functions

Name: perl-DBIx-SearchBuilder Version: 0.61 Summary: DBIx::SearchBuilder -- easy SQL SELECT Statement generation

Name: perl-Devel-StackTrace Version: 1.00 Summary: Devel::StackTrace - Stack trace and stack trace frame objects

Name: perl-Error Version: 0.15 Summary: Error perl module

Name: perl-Exception-Class Version: 1.05 Summary: Exception::Class - Declare real exception classes in Perl

Name: perl-FreezeThaw Version: 0.43 Summary: FreezeThaw perl module

Name: perl-HTML-Mason Version: 1.13 Summary: HTML::Mason Perl module

Name: perl-IO-stringy Version: 2.108 Summary: IO-stringy - I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays

Name: perl-Log-Dispatch Version: 2.01 Summary: Log::Dispatch module - dispatches messages to multiple Log::Dispatch::* objects

Name: perl-MailTools Version: 1.50 Summary: MailTools - a set of perl modules related to mail applications

Name: perl-MIME-tools Version: 5.411 Summary: MIME::tools perl module

Name: perl-MLDBM Version: 2.00 Summary: MLDBM perl module

Name: perl-Net-Daemon Version: 0.37 Summary: Net::Daemon module - Perl extension for portable daemons

Name: perl-Net-DNS Version: 0.28 Summary: Net::DNS - Perl interface to the DNS resolver.

Name: perl-Params-Validate Version: 0.24 Summary: Params::Validate Perl module

Name: perl-PlRPC Version: 0.2016 Summary: PlRPC perl module

Name: perl-Text-Template Version: 1.43 Summary: Text::Template - Expand template text with embedded Perl

Name: perl-Text-Wrapper Version: 1.000 Summary: Text-Wrapper perl module

Name: perl-XML-Generator Version: 0.91 Summary: XML-Generator perl module

Name: perl-XML-Simple Version: 1.08 Summary: XML::Simple perl module

Name: pgaccess Version: 0.98 Summary: A Database Management Tool for PostgreSQL

Name: scolinux-htdocs Version: 1.0 Summary: SCO Linux customization of Apache document root

Name: scolinux-keys Version: 2002 Summary: SCO Linux PGP keys

Name: sysinfo Version: 2.01 Summary: Sysinfo - system information gathering tool

Name: ttf Version: 0.1 Summary: Collection of Free TrueType Fonts

Name: usermin Version: 0.961 Summary: A web-based user account administration interface

Name: webmin Version: 1.023 Summary: A web-based administration interface for Unix systems.

Name: webmin-certmgr Version: 0 Summary: Webmin Module 'certmgr'

Name: webmin-download Version: 0.80.1 Summary: Webmin Module 'download'

Name: webmin-freeswan Version: 0.83.1 Summary: Webmin Module 'freeswan'

Name: webmin-lkmload Version: 0 Summary: Webmin Module 'lkmload'

Name: webmin-netatalk Version: 0.9 Summary: Webmin Module 'netatalk'

Name: webmin-nettools Version: 0.88.1 Summary: Webmin Module 'nettools'

Name: webmin-squidguard Version: 0.91.2 Summary: Webmin Module 'squidguard'

Name: webmin-vnc Version: 0 Summary: Webmin Module 'vnc'

Name: yast2-scoaddon Version: 1.0 Summary: YaST2 modules for installation of SCO value added software